Botanical Print Tote ~ Sewing

I love nature. It’s the epitome of simplicity and beauty, an endless source of inspiration! And when it comes to handicrafts I love everything related to nature. Textures, colors, prints, shapes, anything. That’s why I loved this piece of fabric from the moment I saw it. And I immediately imagined how it would look like as a tote. And I did it, I made one!

Botanical_Tote_FataMorganaBlog_9112015 I

Botanical_Tote_FataMorganaBlog_9112015 II

In the above pictures you can see both sides with the different prints! I love it so so so much!! And once again I am so excited with how it turned out!

Botanical_Tote_FataMorganaBlog_9112015 III

It’s about 43×49 cm in size (yes I know it’s big, I wanted it big!) and for the handles, I decided to use interfacing to make them stiffer and more stable.  I reeaaaally like how the print looks in the handles despite the folded fabric! It’s like there are branches all over!

Botanical_Tote_FataMorganaBlog_9112015 VI

Botanical_Tote_FataMorganaBlog_9112015 IV

Woohooooo! I adore it! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I craave for more of this fabric too!

~ Bisous Friends! ~
Please tell me if you like it or if I ruined your appetite with all this tote love ;P

Botanical_Tote_FataMorganaBlog_9112015 V

PS. It’s so big I can use it as a cover when it rains!

~ *** ~


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