Life around here / pt. 2

Most of my time spent at home, is filled with jazz from the radio. It’s a cup of coffee, jazz music and some handicrafts like knitting, crocheting, carving or sewing or whatever else I like! Nice, comforting mornings and evenings. I really enjoy it. So yes, lately it’s been quite calm with this jazz ritual of mine, a lot of DIYing and a happy smile after that and many lovely stomach treats! Some routine health issues too, like a sore throat and a terrible cough that made me suffer for a long time but it’s all gone now.

pancakes for breakfast. (with a lot of praline mmm)

my wonderful botanical print fabric

a blue moment. recently I discovered that blue is a basic color in my color palette!

amazing potato soup with ginger and curry. amazing amazing!

a high contrast evening treat! *_*

I first saw this crocheted cloud on Mirta’s blog used as a coaster. It was so lovely and immediately inspired me to make one too! Mirta is always an inspiration and a lovely person I met on Instagram! You should check her out. The pattern can be found here!

pizza!! I always appreciate homemade pizza! And I can never have enough..

My second attempt with this yarn to turn it into socks, but I can’t. It’s not that the pattern is difficult. It’s just that I don’t want to knit socks right now or during winter anyway.. I cannot enjoy it. I cannot keep it going. So I stopped.. Maybe it’s not the right time or maybe I am not a sock person. No, I am lying – I am a huge cozy – warmth – hot beverages – wool blankets – knits and socks person! It’s just not the right time!

I crocheted a little basket the other day, using t-shirt yarn. Now I can keep my coloring markers neat!

So how was life for you lately? Did you do anything that keeps your heart warm? Did you make anything with your own hands? I would love to see! Keep smiling friends **



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