web wandering and coffee sipping / pt. 8

Web wandering and coffee sipping. . .
or tea drinking or sometimes munching just before lunch or at the evening. Either way, it’s always a pleasure!


Clockwise:  Homemade Chai Syrup  ·  Art Deco Hat  ·  Rope Bowl  ·  Staying Warm  ·  Handwoven Rug

Already November and despite the good autumnal temperatures over here, I suppose that it might be getting colder and colder in northern places. So, the above lovely and inspirational projects are all we need to get cozy, snug and creative for winter!

A cup of a lovely warm chai by the window, an amazing in texture and color knit project that dear Melody from Mandarine’s is going to share pretty soon, a sewing project that I bet you ‘ve seen again but it’s always a great idea, cute ways to stay warm this winter in body and soul and a warm and inviting interior from Wood & Wool Stool to inspire you to weave your own rug. Why not?


Stay cozy and warm friends!

web_wandering_fatamorgana_blog_13112015 II

~ Bisous ~


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