web wandering and coffee sipping / pt. 9

Hello Friends! Coming in with a couple DIYs and three recipes that you might find interesting!

Clockwise: Book Stand · Carrot, coconut & chia energy balls · January superfood salad · Knit Planter Cover · Fresh juice

I have a big thing with salads. My family calls me a salad expert! Well, ok I am not typically an expert, I just looooooove making salads and sometimes I prefer them as a lunch. I really really like this mix-everything-up kinda thing! 😉 And they can be super healthy, there are so many options.. you can mix some fruit or nuts in or even make a nice sauce and spice things up a bit. And of course I always enjoy blending some fruit with avocado or yogurt and honey and make a delicious smoothie for breakfast! Improvise and blend! Also, great way to enter fruit in your diet if you are not a fruit person like me..! And for the makers, a cozy knit cover for your green friends and a wooden book stand for your favorite literature! Make a cup of coffee and dive in the making world!


Bisous, bisous!



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