Life around here / pt. 3

It’s actually, “food around here”! Hahaha! With some flowers, and more food! And my beloved port!

Well, this was an amazing stormy day, like a break from sunshine. That morning I ran some errands and then headed to the port, sat down and enjoyed the salty sea water that wind brought on my face. It was nice.

pasta with tomato, mushrooms and… vodka! Gooood

coffee with flowers. pressed and fresh ones!

a Sunday morning with some traditional cream pie with sugar and cinnamon on top. I can sell my soul for that ❤ mmm..

a nice rice and lentils salad I made that same Sunday. So yummy and so easy! With many many more things in like scallion, olives, carrots, tuna, lemon juice and tahini. You have to make it!

Falafel. This was the first time we made it. Not on the pan but in the oven. It was totally better this way! We are definitely going to make it again! I think I need to make it NOW!

A cute cozy mug I made for a friend along with some other b-day gifts 🙂

noodles *_*

an evening salad! remember I told you about salads? 😉

some tea bags I hand stitched lately to send away in a nice package**

Sorry for the food overload, but apparently things were mostly about food lately over here. (I am so hungry right now!) It’s interesting what makes you grab your phone and just  *click*! I am also waiting for some yarn to arrive since I ran out again and my fingers are already itchy!

So what are you up to? Hope you friends are good, eating well, drinking well, sleeping well, because these are the most important daily things, right?


~Bye, bye ~ Bisous, bisous!


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