Blog Anniversary!

My blog today turns TWO!




Hahaha! Oh boy, it’s been quite a journey! So many changes took place, but that’s something normal when you keep a personal journal, right? You put yourself out there, so your personal progress has an immediate impact on your web space too.

Okayyy… enough with this!

I am really excited with this anniversary! Because I was able to keep this space for two years and not procrastinate (at least not much… 😛 )!


Well, this blog started for a  specific reason but like any other aspect of life, this reason changed a bit, some other interests came up, some thoughts gave me a different perspective and generally life itself changed the route of the blog. I am totally okay with this and I feel more relieved I must say. I began the blog thinking I am going to keep a program with it, a schedule or something and upload as soon as I can and have it as a priority. But that’s not me. So letting myself free, letting myself unfold and create a space that can reflect my personality and not be an obligation at the same time, helped me keep it alive for two years! And I hope we can make it to three!!

So, the first motive of this blog was to share my knit and crochet creations and all the DIYs I was interested in. But, after deciding to have no boundaries and just be.. me, it’s more of a place where you can scroll through many other interesting, daily, common-people things too!

twoyearsfatamorgana_13052016 IX

twoyearsfatamorgana_13052016 X


twoyearsfatamorgana_13052016 I

I am a person who loves nature, adores the sea, feels comfortable in simple cozy nests, appreciates simplicity, gets obsessed with colors and e-v-e-r-y kind of fabric, feels warm and happy when my hands make their things, dreams of a place to call home in an island with a view to the sea and some vegetables and fruits on the kitchen table grown in a little garden of mine.

twoyearsfatamorgana_13052016 XII

So among knitting and crochet adventures, you can also see me dreaming, obsessing, being excited with all of the above and generally… be me!!

If you find this interesting, please stay and share your thoughts, your smile, your love, your disagreement or just say ‘hey’!


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