web wandering and coffee sipping / pt.10


Web wandering and coffee sipping!! Again!! Oh it’s a crazy month with work and all the things that fill my personal time and this lovely wandering has become a luxury now!

I keep crocheting my two current projects right now and don’t have much time for anything else, despite all the ideas that pop in my mind, but there are so many lovely handmade things out there. Our hands can make the best!

Clockwise: Vegan Lotion Bars · Garden Starter Kit · Floral Backdrop · Mandala Pin Cushion · 9 Mistakes Creatives Make · Cross-Stitch on metal

Beautiful vegan lotion bars from Three Hazels. I follow her through Instagram and really enjoy her simple and harmonic photos of all the things she makes. A garden starter kit. Such a nice gift, right? I would like one, please! 😉 Flowers again and always and in the background! Color splash and color inspiration and a nice pin cushion! Nine mistakes we all makers do and so fabulously create extraordinary obstacles for ourselves! How do we do that anyway?? I know you make all 9, okay at least 8 of them! Aaaand amazing cross-stitching on the most unbelievable objects. Our hands can make the best things. Did I tell you that?

Okay! Now I am off to crochet a bit! Little personal time so I try to fill it with crocheting, walking around the city, meeting friends and eating ice-cream!

Happy day you all!



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