Food around here / pt. 4

Hello friends!  How are you doing?

Life here is okay. It’s mostly about dealing with personal issues, meeting some friends, working, a little crocheting and a looooot of dreaming. The weather is getting warmer here and I am getting really excited! I am already dreaming of sandy beaches, afternoon cocktails, sun basking, barefoot dancing, having joy with friends, eating lots of ice cream, living simple you know? This summer though, I’ll be in the city working, so my few days-off will be much needed and probably spent road tripping to the sea side. So for the time being, I ‘ll be mostly dreaming of all those beach moments!

Anyway, lately I realized that food, coffee dates and crochet moments are the most favorite daily things to photograph. So, there you go! Enjoy!

Breakfast with oats, hippophae, shredded coconut, spirulina and dried fruits! You know, an effort to reduce my daily sugar intake and eat healthier 😉


Quinoa with avocado, peppers, lemon juice and sweet potatoes. Salad with lettuce, cucumber and strawberries. A-m-a-z-i-n-g combination. Great blending flavors and the quinoa is so so so yummy.. You guys, I am droooooling..


Fava (yellow split peas puree) with caramelized onions and capers


simple boiled potatoes with olive oils, capers and cheese


really yummy risotto with sweet potatoes and feta cheese


Processed with VSCO

We visited a Syrian restaurant the other day. Look at this plate!


top: beef with boiled rice and wheat | bottom: green salad with pomegranate Yum Yum Yum


left: dessert! fruits, panna cotta and kunefe | right: turkish coffee with cardamom


pink spring!


Easter table


my crochet blanket. not finished yet, but already deeply in love with it!!


breakfast with oats, dark chocolate, dried pineapple, flax seed and coconut cubes ❤


a delicious banana cake I bought from a lovely cafe – shoe shop with beautiful decoration 🙂


❤ popsicle dates with popsicles especially made for me! ❤


summer prints!


I ordered a pair of shoes last week from a company that supports fair trade. The pattern is so beautiful, the colors so bright and they are handmade in Peru by local artisans. The package was really beautiful too!! Support fair trade! 🙂


crocheting in my little spare time!


Did I tell you how obsessed I am with dried pineapple and coconut? I can eat a handful of these every day. No. I can eat a handful every 30 minutes. No no. I can empty a 500gr vase of these in 30 minutes.. *coconut obsession*


Wishing you a nice week friends! With lots of walks, smiles, sunshine and coconut!!







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