Moralzarzal – Madrid – Spain

Hola friends!

How are you?

I just came back home from a trip to Spain where I had a lovely lovely time!

In fact, I was going to fly back on the 19th of November, but decided to change my ticket and stay there for 4 more days!


I was staying at Moralzarzal, a really beautiful village in the mountains and almost every morning I was visiting Madrid! I loved the city. The streets, the Malasana district, the museums, the coffee shops with the delicious cakes, the record stores, the bookshops, the nature and the parks, the monuments, the everyday life.

If you are visiting Madrid, I would totally recommend going to the Malasana district and explore the beautiful bars and restaurants there, the cloth stores and almost every corner! Fuencarral and De la Palma streets.. They are all so beautiful, the small streets, the buildings, the mural art, the small balconies. You are going to take a lot of pictures there, I assure you.

I also visited the Prado museum and the Reina Sofia. These two should not be missed. The most amazing art displays and paintings are there. Picasso, Miro and Dali in Reina Sofia and Velasquez, Goya and El Bosco in Prado, among others. I was stunned by looking at those paintings from that close. A part of the world’s art history. So so beautiful **

The nature and the parks there are really stunning too. El Retiro park is like a place where you can just sit on a bench or get lost among the huge trees and the amazing scenery and forget you are actually in a large city like Madrid. It’s like a break from the busy world!

I also devoured all the traditional plates, paella, tapas, their Mahou beer and many many more yummy things! Could not resist..


Soooo… I am sharing photos below from my trip. Hope you like them!

You β€˜ve got to visit Spain if you haven’t already! πŸ˜‰




a great record store in Malasana district!

beer with tapas!



a beautiful bookstore! I spent 2hours inside, searching for books and poetry and then -finally- I left with some spanish poetry, a fanzine and two beautiful cards with small stories on them ❀

a nice record store on Gran Via street!


a treasure I found after spending 2hrs in a record store in Madrid. I adore this record!

inside Reina Sofia museum

rainy mornings


beautiful nature..

and of course a yarn shop, where yarn is sold by weight!

green murals and autumnal floors ❀

yummy hot chocolate with churros!


That’s all!

Wishing you a lovely Sunday friends*




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