Basketweave Project Bag

It’s been a lot of months since I started crocheting this beauty.

I was wandering around town, visiting yarn shops when I reached a small one and saw many yummy colors in an “offer stand”. So I grabbed about 8 skeins, 50gr each, in different colors! And then I had to decide what to do with them. So one evening I thought it might be a good idea to try the basketweave stitch out. And here it is! The basketweave project bag (or pouch! whatever you like)!

It was a really enjoyable summer project. Mornings with crochet, coffee and all these bright colors and the bag was slowly taking shape! I finally added a lining, a zipper and voila! A new, cute, handmade, rainbow project bag!

It can fit a tablet, a book, my notes, keys and other necessary personal stuff or even my knitting project! And I can take them everywhere, neat and safely with me! It’s 15cm x 25cm, all made with cotton yarn and a linen lining in a dark blue shade!


I love it! ❤  Can’t stop staring at it and touching it! It’s so soft and squishy, great for fragile things or devices you want to take outside safely!

What do you think?


Bisous friends ~ Wishing you a lovely week ahead!



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