To live simple and to interact.


Sometimes, there is this urgent need to sit down and write about something personal.

And share it.

But I really don’t know if there is anyone out there reading or even scrolling down this personal digital space of mine..  It feels as if I am totally alone in my own sea.

However, this urgent need to share is there alive and kicking, you know? Sharing and interacting. So much in need of this lately.


Anyway, the reason behind this post was a song, like the ones I hear suddenly on the radio and make me remember who I am and what I love. What makes my heart sing.

It’s a complicated feeling, not very clear in my head right now.

Briefly, I can say that I am a person who looooves nature, gets inspired by the simplicity in life and firmly dreams of an impossible world where people exist in the way they were born to. Happily, peacefully, embracing nature, embracing each other, respecting, feeling happy when the sun is shining, when it’s raining and the ground smells so amazingly great, creating, producing, loving. The simple things. You know?

I might sound silly.. But this is what I dream of.

I dream of a small place to call home in an island. I need to wake up and look at the sea each day. The grey sea before a storm or a blue calm sea and the sun rays flickering. Living simple, enjoying the simplicity in the little precious moments of life. When making some coffee, when cooking dinner, when reading a book, knitting a warm blanket, watching a film, staring out of the window, spending time with loved-ones, having a walk in the mountains, collecting flowers. Whatever.





The essence is in the little things. In the simplicity of life.


This is what I stand for and what I need in my life. And I try to make it visible here, or on any social media network I use in order to interact with people. This is me and to be honest, this is what I need.

So, I try to make my life like this everyday, to communicate it with others, to share, to search for people who also adore this and try to get inspired by the simplicity and in my turn, I try to get inspired by them or even better, talk with them!


It’s all about interacting, sharing and living simple.

What do you think?

I would love to hear from you and share ideas.

Love, Pandora-Lotte ~



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