The struggle of night time.


I used to be so in love with night time. I used to find it magical. I could spend hours listening to music, watching a film, reading, writing, dreaming, staying awake during night time. It was the time of the day I enjoyed the most.

The past few years though, I find it terribly difficult to make my nights at least bearable. The moment it starts getting dark here and that is around 5pm, I find myself feeling helpless, miserable, struggling to get it through. Such a strange transition, right? Not that I was a night owl and now suddenly I became an early bird. I am not an early bird either. I like my day to start around 9am. But lately, nights.. are so tough. I just try to get through the goddamn night.

So these days, I am looking for ways to make my nights easier until bed time. Looking for activities to calm my anxiety and loneliness, try to make friends with books, maybe listen to audiobooks, put some fairy lights in the room to create a cozy and welcome atmosphere, essential oils burning, knitting podcasts, maybe a film streaming, or a cinema visit or even a visit to the gym!

If I have to stay inside, I try to make it as easy as it gets. Spending time doing favorite activities, listening to records or podcasts and find courage in other human beings. When I have to be outside it’s certainly easier on its own. Interaction, late evening coffee, visits to friends or even alone city walks. It doesn’t matter. It’s easier outside nevertheless.

So, how do you deal with night time?

I bet that for many people it’s the perfect time to sit down, breathe and relax after a day full of errands and life tasks. The perfect time to do things for ourselves; a relaxing shower, a nice dinner, knitting on the couch, reading a book or something..

But, are there any soulmates out there, feeling the same about night time as me? Struggling when it’s getting dark? Dealing with personal “monsters”?


if so, please share!


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