Crochet Blanket

Hello friends!

The weather here is warm and sunny and so so beautiful! Looks like spring is here, all the trees are getting greener, small cute buds everywhere, birds here and there singing about the spring arrival.. So magical.

Despite that, at night it’s still breezy and you definitely need a blanket to cuddle under and have a snack!

Last winter I started crocheting a biiiiig project. Actually, my BIGGEST crochet project so far!


A double bed blanket!! Eeeeeeeep!!

And it got finished this winter, aka the best time to start enjoying it!! We had a really cold winter this year, it actually snowed for many days causing problems in my whole country. But personally I enjoyed it very much, I went out for a walk, played with the snow, visited the forest which was a real winter wonderland and then back home under my blanket and with a warm cup of coffee to soothe the cold fingers! It was perfect!

Ok, enough with the rambling! Below I am sharing photos of the biggest crochet yummy thing I made with my two bare hands! And I love it so. And I am so excited!



It didn’t really took me much time; a couple of months altogether. It’s a double bed blanket 100% wool and it took much more yarn than I had predicted! Probably around 13 balls of yarn in each color. But I don’t really care. It was a lot of work and I love the result. It’s a pure handmade item, made with a lot of care, love and excitement, it’s very very warm and truly special. I use it every night or for an afternoon nap and it’s oh so cozy!! Plus it gives my space a cheerful and warm autumnal vibe with this color palette, which by the way took me quite some time until I finally came to a decision, but was totally worth it!




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