Cozy Knit Throw

Hi friends!

Well, it’s been a winter full of cute, cozy and warm knitting/crochet projects!

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 I

After I finished my crochet blanket, I started knitting a cozy throw. I wanted to make a special gift and what could have been better than a cozy handmade throw? Nothing! Haha!

So, I found this pattern scrolling down Pinterest. The cables immediately caught my eye. I really love them, they can give a beautiful texture and make the garment cozy instantly. Very delicate..

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 IV

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 III

The pattern is easy and fun! It’s an alternation between knit and purl stitches with beautiful cables longwise.

I used a lovely 100% merino wool, so soft that it was a delight to knit with! And in this subtle colour it feels like you are hugging a cloud, it’s like a dream! 😊 I also made some alterations in the pattern making the throw a bit bigger and wider. It ended up being 65×105 cm long.

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 V

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 VI

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 VII

It’s great for a movie night or when working on the laptop, used as a wrap around the shoulders or even to decorate the couch and create a cozy corner! So sad I had to give it away, but really happy with the result!

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 II

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 VIII

Happy Weekend!



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