Crochet Boho Top


June is on its way and the lighter fabrics are already out of the closet

Crochet Boho Top_FataMorganaBlog_09042017 VIII.jpg

I always feel motivated and renewed after moving the winter outfits into the closet and grabbing the summery ones out. Breezy fabrics, colorful palettes, a carefree comfortable style is all I ask for during the hot months of summer!

So, last summer I started crocheting a boho festival top using a delicious cotton yarn in a cotton candy colorway! Never really wore it last summer but the time has come now! I need to wait a little longer though, just until the weather gets hotter. But still!

The pattern I followed is this and I really like the result! Easy, breezy, colorful and on top of it all handmade! Check out my ravelry page for more info!

It’s a nice triangle with a shell pattern on the waist and a beautiful decorative stitch around the triangle. Of course you can add fringe but I skipped it because I prefer it more that way!  A flattering, cute and summery ‘ole top!

Already dreaming of packing my summer bag and leaving the town to go camp by the seaside. Breakfast on a hammock, sun basking for hours at the beach, listening to the birds and the sea, coffee at dusk, candlelight around the tent at night and always comfortable clothing for the body. Aaahh, such bliss..!

Okay, so hurry up! Grab your hooks and go make it!

Crochet Boho Top_FataMorganaBlog_09042017 VII



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