Crochet Halter Top

My handmade activity is always affected by each season. This is normal, I think. When it’s cold and windy I want to curl up with a cup of hot coffee and knit knit knit with a lovely wool yarn. When it’s sunny and warm I want to knit/crochet with delicate cotton or bamboo or linen in muted or vibrant colors. Whatever! When it’s pouring rain, well rain weather is always knit/crochet weather! Haha!

Halter Top_FataMorganaBlog_10042017 I.jpg

So, last summer after the crochet boho top, I made a halter top to continue my crochet flow. My hands decided on their own on what to make!

Halter Top_FataMorganaBlog_10042017 IV

The pattern I followed is called the Enchanted Halter and can be found here. I made some alterations in order to fit me better and ta-dah! Ready to wear and enjoy! It was a fun project and a lovely summer top that can be worn at the beach, on a bicycle ride, during an afternoon with ice cream or well at the balcony sunbasking!


Halter Top_FataMorganaBlog_10042017 III.jpg

Halter Top_FataMorganaBlog_10042017 VII.jpg

Halter Top_FataMorganaBlog_10042017 V.jpg

Aaahh.. SO eager to enjoy my week off and visit an island this year, wander around, explore, eat, swim, sleep, just ramble! And always in my happy, handmade and simple outfits! Yay!


Happy Day friends**





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