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Welcome friend!
I ‘m Pandora Lotte and this is my little nook.

I live in a city by the sea and you will often see me finding comfort in photographing, handcrafting, reading, sometimes writing and always dreaming of northern places. When I am not taking photos or making things with my hands, I enjoy cooking, traveling, sun basking and coffee-ing with loved ones. I am a tropical soul despite my northern dreams, loving hospitality, simplicity, colors, light and coziness.

I appreciate the simple and small pleasures of everyday life, looking for inspiration in nature and finding freedom in the sea. My love for the sea is enormous, almost breathtaking. It’s the place I visit whenever I feel the need to calm down and exhale. It’s like all the problems and thoughts are washed away in its glorious vastness. Standing at the sea side, looking at the cargo ships, feeling totally free and alone in front of the beautiful, endless ocean.

I invite you to enjoy your time here along with a cup of your favorite warm drink. If you like to send some blog love, some thoughts or even ideas, please feel free to comment, follow or email me  (twineanchorandthyme at gmail dot com). Thank you for your visit!


P.S. Formerly known as En Bois et En Nuage. We may changed name but we didn’t change hearts.

-For whatever we lose (like a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves we find in the sea..
E.E. Cummings



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