The struggle of night time.


I used to be so in love with night time. I used to find it magical. I could spend hours listening to music, watching a film, reading, writing, dreaming, staying awake during night time. It was the time of the day I enjoyed the most.

The past few years though, I find it terribly difficult to make my nights at least bearable. The moment it starts getting dark here and that is around 5pm, I find myself feeling helpless, miserable, struggling to get it through. Such a strange transition, right? Not that I was a night owl and now suddenly I became an early bird. I am not an early bird either. I like my day to start around 9am. But lately, nights.. are so tough. I just try to get through the goddamn night.

So these days, I am looking for ways to make my nights easier until bed time. Looking for activities to calm my anxiety and loneliness, try to make friends with books, maybe listen to audiobooks, put some fairy lights in the room to create a cozy and welcome atmosphere, essential oils burning, knitting podcasts, maybe a film streaming, or a cinema visit or even a visit to the gym!

If I have to stay inside, I try to make it as easy as it gets. Spending time doing favorite activities, listening to records or podcasts and find courage in other human beings. When I have to be outside it’s certainly easier on its own. Interaction, late evening coffee, visits to friends or even alone city walks. It doesn’t matter. It’s easier outside nevertheless.

So, how do you deal with night time?

I bet that for many people it’s the perfect time to sit down, breathe and relax after a day full of errands and life tasks. The perfect time to do things for ourselves; a relaxing shower, a nice dinner, knitting on the couch, reading a book or something..

But, are there any soulmates out there, feeling the same about night time as me? Struggling when it’s getting dark? Dealing with personal “monsters”?


if so, please share!


To live simple and to interact.


Sometimes, there is this urgent need to sit down and write about something personal.

And share it.

But I really don’t know if there is anyone out there reading or even scrolling down this personal digital space of mine..  It feels as if I am totally alone in my own sea.

However, this urgent need to share is there alive and kicking, you know? Sharing and interacting. So much in need of this lately.


Anyway, the reason behind this post was a song, like the ones I hear suddenly on the radio and make me remember who I am and what I love. What makes my heart sing.

It’s a complicated feeling, not very clear in my head right now.

Briefly, I can say that I am a person who looooves nature, gets inspired by the simplicity in life and firmly dreams of an impossible world where people exist in the way they were born to. Happily, peacefully, embracing nature, embracing each other, respecting, feeling happy when the sun is shining, when it’s raining and the ground smells so amazingly great, creating, producing, loving. The simple things. You know?

I might sound silly.. But this is what I dream of.

I dream of a small place to call home in an island. I need to wake up and look at the sea each day. The grey sea before a storm or a blue calm sea and the sun rays flickering. Living simple, enjoying the simplicity in the little precious moments of life. When making some coffee, when cooking dinner, when reading a book, knitting a warm blanket, watching a film, staring out of the window, spending time with loved-ones, having a walk in the mountains, collecting flowers. Whatever.





The essence is in the little things. In the simplicity of life.


This is what I stand for and what I need in my life. And I try to make it visible here, or on any social media network I use in order to interact with people. This is me and to be honest, this is what I need.

So, I try to make my life like this everyday, to communicate it with others, to share, to search for people who also adore this and try to get inspired by the simplicity and in my turn, I try to get inspired by them or even better, talk with them!


It’s all about interacting, sharing and living simple.

What do you think?

I would love to hear from you and share ideas.

Love, Pandora-Lotte ~


Blog Anniversary!

My blog today turns TWO!




Hahaha! Oh boy, it’s been quite a journey! So many changes took place, but that’s something normal when you keep a personal journal, right? You put yourself out there, so your personal progress has an immediate impact on your web space too.

Okayyy… enough with this!

I am really excited with this anniversary! Because I was able to keep this space for two years and not procrastinate (at least not much… 😛 )!


Well, this blog started for a  specific reason but like any other aspect of life, this reason changed a bit, some other interests came up, some thoughts gave me a different perspective and generally life itself changed the route of the blog. I am totally okay with this and I feel more relieved I must say. I began the blog thinking I am going to keep a program with it, a schedule or something and upload as soon as I can and have it as a priority. But that’s not me. So letting myself free, letting myself unfold and create a space that can reflect my personality and not be an obligation at the same time, helped me keep it alive for two years! And I hope we can make it to three!!

So, the first motive of this blog was to share my knit and crochet creations and all the DIYs I was interested in. But, after deciding to have no boundaries and just be.. me, it’s more of a place where you can scroll through many other interesting, daily, common-people things too!

twoyearsfatamorgana_13052016 IX

twoyearsfatamorgana_13052016 X


twoyearsfatamorgana_13052016 I

I am a person who loves nature, adores the sea, feels comfortable in simple cozy nests, appreciates simplicity, gets obsessed with colors and e-v-e-r-y kind of fabric, feels warm and happy when my hands make their things, dreams of a place to call home in an island with a view to the sea and some vegetables and fruits on the kitchen table grown in a little garden of mine.

twoyearsfatamorgana_13052016 XII

So among knitting and crochet adventures, you can also see me dreaming, obsessing, being excited with all of the above and generally… be me!!

If you find this interesting, please stay and share your thoughts, your smile, your love, your disagreement or just say ‘hey’!

Being a maker

The other day, I read an Instagram post by Mirta from Modern Botanics sharing some personal thoughts, worries and feelings we do not usually see on carefully curated Instagram photos. This post started a really interesting conversation which led to 2 other blog posts by 2 lovely girls, Kathy and Tempy sharing their struggle, thoughts and concerns on being a maker. You can read Kathy here and Tempy here.

I read all the three posts and I felt I could relate to them. I share the same thoughts, concerns and doubts since I make a lot of stuff with my hands despite the fact that I do not own a shop. At least, not yet! My thoughts focus on the pre-opening of a shop stage.

To tell you the truth I have mostly questions and fears in my head concerning the opening of an online shop, rather than facts or beliefs. Despite the fact that opening a shop is an idea that popped in my head 2-3 years ago, I haven’t opened one yet because I am not sure, I doubt, I am afraid.

I am not sure that there might be people out there to find interest in what I make. And that is why I always seem to postpone it. I fear that I will not always have the inspiration to make something truly beautiful, honest, something from the heart, something that people would want to give money for. I fear that I will not be able to improve myself, to go further or even escape all of my fears about “making” and end up abandoning the effort soon. I am afraid that there are oh-so-many brilliant makers out there, so why would someone choose me?

Making for me is like a physical need. Through the years this need developed to a more conscious practice that also helps me feel self-sufficient, dreaming of a homestead living. Nature is my biggest inspiration and also a haven. I really admire the simplicity, elegance and wisdom of nature. Besides, a walk by the seaside or in the woods has always a calming effect when the doubts get really deep and painful!

So, what is the solution to all of this?

Believe in yourself. Believe in what you make. Believe that you, as a customer, would buy the things you make. Meaning that you make things you love and not just produce like a machine. Find your path, find your voice.

But, anyhow all these need time and constant effort. Right? Maybe it’s a process in which you get improved and learn through experience. I suppose that the answers come slowly while you keep making and keep living. You live and learn and change. Maybe we have to admit and accept that there will be ups and downs, self-doubts, comparisons etc. and maybe in this whirlwind we have to try to see the things more positively and instead of comparing ourselves to others, start getting inspired by others! Maybe we have to free ourselves from the “have-tos” and just make. Let it unfold. Let it be and let it lead us wherever! That’s probably the best way to explore ourselves and the making process. Maybe there are no “have-tos”. Maybe it’s just “what I do by instinct, by love, by need” and realize “who I really am, what I really care about”. And so I make. And that’s the source. And of course, it’s not easy at all.

Like Tempy beautifully said, put one foot in front of the other. And keep going.

So, what do you struggle with? Did you ever had difficulties in deciding what to make, how to make it, what your target group might like to see from you? How did you find your way in the making world? What worked for you? What were your priorities? How did you find your voice? And how can you be consistent towards your making and the people who follow and buy your work? How can you be out there regularly and make new things regularly?

Please feel free to take part in the discussion and share your thoughts, your questions, your way, your point of view! It would be great to take this dialogue a step further!

~Thank you~

Motivated by simplicity and nature


…and the need to always create a warm and cozy ambience everywhere I am. 🙂 Processed with VSCO

I really love being in a warm, welcome and super cozy nest. And I love simplicity, it makes me feel free, cozy and so happy! And I also believe that nature is the master of simplicity and beauty. The textures, the colors, the shapes, the lines.. All so elegant, peaceful, magical!

These things inspire me and everything I do. They keep me motivated. And I appreciate that!

Last week my hands drove me to a new craft and new ideas and I decided to make them happen, because… this is how it goes! You have to let it unfold! Right? 🙂 There ‘ve been a few months since I started considering of opening a little shop of mine. I know it will be difficult at the beginning but I’ll make an effort. An honest effort. I know there are many rules, to-dos, how-tos etc. that I’ll have to cope with. But most times I probably won’t; I cannot.. All these have-tos usually ruin the freedom of creating. Well, many thoughts around this subject, it’s still an idea and I don’t know if I am going to make it happen soon enough. But I am thinking of it more, lately. The secret is to keep it simple and happy and soul soothing, keep it away from rules and do it because it makes me feel happy.

Processed with VSCO

We’ll see how it goes and if I take this big step, I ‘ll let you know! Thank you friends/friend! Happy rest of the week ***

Fata Morgana

fatamorgana_2015 I

2015 found me broken. A lot of thinking and wondering took place and now I am trying to put my pieces back together. Among other things, I felt it was time to change a bit, despite the fact that this blog is active for only 8 months.

So, our new name, Fata Morgana represents my huge and breathtaking love for the sea, a place where I can find comfort and freedom.
Το 2015 δε με βρήκε στα καλύτερά μου. Πολλές σκέψεις, ερωτηματικά, μια εκκρεμής ενδοσκόπηση και μια προσπάθεια να «ξανασηκωθώ», μπορούν να χαρακτηρίσουν τον τελευταίο μήνα. Μεταξύ των άλλων, ένιωσα την ανάγκη για μια αλλαγή, παρά το ότι μόλις 8 μήνες «εκπέμπουμε» στο διαδίκτυο.

Καινούριο όνομα λοιπόν, Φάτα Μοργκάνα, γιατί σηματοδοτεί την απύθμενη αγάπη μου για τη θάλασσα, τόπο παρηγοριάς και ελευθερίας.


In other news, I decided to start knitting again. This time I am making something for myself.
Εν τω μεταξύ, αποφάσισα να ξανά-ξεκινήσω το πλέξιμο και αυτή τη φορά, φτιάχνω κάτι για μένα.

fatamorgana_2015 II

fatamorgana_2015 IV

I also made my very first weaving without following a pattern and that’s why I feel so proud and happy about it!
Έφτιαξα επίσης το πρώτο μου υφαντό, για το οποίο δεν ακολούθησα κάποιο πατρόν και είμαι πολύ ευχαριστημένη με το αποτέλεσμα!

fatamorgana_2015 III


Last but not least.. Thank you. For all the visits and thoughts during these months. Sorry for this pause but I needed time. I always need time. Hope it’s going to be a prosperous and creative year. Bisous.
Κλείνοντας, ευχαριστώ για τις σκέψεις και τις επισκέψεις. Λυπάμαι για την παύση αλλά ήταν αναγκαία. Ελπίζω σε μια ήρεμη, δημιουργική και καλή χρονιά. Μπιζού*

So. Here’s to a nice new year.
For whatever we lose(like a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves we find in the sea..
E.E. Cummings