Crochet Halter Top

My handmade activity is always affected by each season. This is normal, I think. When it’s cold and windy I want to curl up with a cup of hot coffee and knit knit knit with a lovely wool yarn. When it’s sunny and warm I want to knit/crochet with delicate cotton or bamboo or linen in muted or vibrant colors. Whatever! When it’s pouring rain, well rain weather is always knit/crochet weather! Haha!

Halter Top_FataMorganaBlog_10042017 I.jpg

So, last summer after the crochet boho top, I made a halter top to continue my crochet flow. My hands decided on their own on what to make!

Halter Top_FataMorganaBlog_10042017 IV

The pattern I followed is called the Enchanted Halter and can be found here. I made some alterations in order to fit me better and ta-dah! Ready to wear and enjoy! It was a fun project and a lovely summer top that can be worn at the beach, on a bicycle ride, during an afternoon with ice cream or well at the balcony sunbasking!


Halter Top_FataMorganaBlog_10042017 III.jpg

Halter Top_FataMorganaBlog_10042017 VII.jpg

Halter Top_FataMorganaBlog_10042017 V.jpg

Aaahh.. SO eager to enjoy my week off and visit an island this year, wander around, explore, eat, swim, sleep, just ramble! And always in my happy, handmade and simple outfits! Yay!


Happy Day friends**





Crochet Boho Top


June is on its way and the lighter fabrics are already out of the closet

Crochet Boho Top_FataMorganaBlog_09042017 VIII.jpg

I always feel motivated and renewed after moving the winter outfits into the closet and grabbing the summery ones out. Breezy fabrics, colorful palettes, a carefree comfortable style is all I ask for during the hot months of summer!

So, last summer I started crocheting a boho festival top using a delicious cotton yarn in a cotton candy colorway! Never really wore it last summer but the time has come now! I need to wait a little longer though, just until the weather gets hotter. But still!

The pattern I followed is this and I really like the result! Easy, breezy, colorful and on top of it all handmade! Check out my ravelry page for more info!

It’s a nice triangle with a shell pattern on the waist and a beautiful decorative stitch around the triangle. Of course you can add fringe but I skipped it because I prefer it more that way!  A flattering, cute and summery ‘ole top!

Already dreaming of packing my summer bag and leaving the town to go camp by the seaside. Breakfast on a hammock, sun basking for hours at the beach, listening to the birds and the sea, coffee at dusk, candlelight around the tent at night and always comfortable clothing for the body. Aaahh, such bliss..!

Okay, so hurry up! Grab your hooks and go make it!

Crochet Boho Top_FataMorganaBlog_09042017 VII


Cozy Knit Throw

Hi friends!

Well, it’s been a winter full of cute, cozy and warm knitting/crochet projects!

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 I

After I finished my crochet blanket, I started knitting a cozy throw. I wanted to make a special gift and what could have been better than a cozy handmade throw? Nothing! Haha!

So, I found this pattern scrolling down Pinterest. The cables immediately caught my eye. I really love them, they can give a beautiful texture and make the garment cozy instantly. Very delicate..

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 IV

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 III

The pattern is easy and fun! It’s an alternation between knit and purl stitches with beautiful cables longwise.

I used a lovely 100% merino wool, so soft that it was a delight to knit with! And in this subtle colour it feels like you are hugging a cloud, it’s like a dream! 😊 I also made some alterations in the pattern making the throw a bit bigger and wider. It ended up being 65×105 cm long.

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 V

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 VI

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 VII

It’s great for a movie night or when working on the laptop, used as a wrap around the shoulders or even to decorate the couch and create a cozy corner! So sad I had to give it away, but really happy with the result!

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 II

cozy_throw_FataMorganaBlog_31032017 VIII

Happy Weekend!


Crochet Blanket

Hello friends!

The weather here is warm and sunny and so so beautiful! Looks like spring is here, all the trees are getting greener, small cute buds everywhere, birds here and there singing about the spring arrival.. So magical.

Despite that, at night it’s still breezy and you definitely need a blanket to cuddle under and have a snack!

Last winter I started crocheting a biiiiig project. Actually, my BIGGEST crochet project so far!


A double bed blanket!! Eeeeeeeep!!

And it got finished this winter, aka the best time to start enjoying it!! We had a really cold winter this year, it actually snowed for many days causing problems in my whole country. But personally I enjoyed it very much, I went out for a walk, played with the snow, visited the forest which was a real winter wonderland and then back home under my blanket and with a warm cup of coffee to soothe the cold fingers! It was perfect!

Ok, enough with the rambling! Below I am sharing photos of the biggest crochet yummy thing I made with my two bare hands! And I love it so. And I am so excited!



It didn’t really took me much time; a couple of months altogether. It’s a double bed blanket 100% wool and it took much more yarn than I had predicted! Probably around 13 balls of yarn in each color. But I don’t really care. It was a lot of work and I love the result. It’s a pure handmade item, made with a lot of care, love and excitement, it’s very very warm and truly special. I use it every night or for an afternoon nap and it’s oh so cozy!! Plus it gives my space a cheerful and warm autumnal vibe with this color palette, which by the way took me quite some time until I finally came to a decision, but was totally worth it!



Basketweave Project Bag

It’s been a lot of months since I started crocheting this beauty.

I was wandering around town, visiting yarn shops when I reached a small one and saw many yummy colors in an “offer stand”. So I grabbed about 8 skeins, 50gr each, in different colors! And then I had to decide what to do with them. So one evening I thought it might be a good idea to try the basketweave stitch out. And here it is! The basketweave project bag (or pouch! whatever you like)!

It was a really enjoyable summer project. Mornings with crochet, coffee and all these bright colors and the bag was slowly taking shape! I finally added a lining, a zipper and voila! A new, cute, handmade, rainbow project bag!

It can fit a tablet, a book, my notes, keys and other necessary personal stuff or even my knitting project! And I can take them everywhere, neat and safely with me! It’s 15cm x 25cm, all made with cotton yarn and a linen lining in a dark blue shade!


I love it! ❤  Can’t stop staring at it and touching it! It’s so soft and squishy, great for fragile things or devices you want to take outside safely!

What do you think?


Bisous friends ~ Wishing you a lovely week ahead!



Hello friends!

Long time no see!

Processed with VSCO

But it’s been a busy summer. Mostly spent in the city working with some daily excursions to the sea side.


November found me knitting, filling the room with dried flowers, pebbles, driftwood and lavender, listening to records and reading poetry again. Being in love.

I don’t know what this month and generally winter has to offer. I am hoping that is going to be gentle on me. Calm, peaceful, with lots of grey skies and cold crisp air. With lots of productivity, peace of mind, creativity, optimism, good vibes and coziness. Help me reboot and go on.

It was an intense summer I must say. But a beautiful one. Now, off to new adventures with the world and myself. Hope for the best for everyone.

Well, I hope you are all fine, spending your days happily and productively!


Sharing below some photos from the months that passed! Hope you ‘ll enjoy ****

The Sea

beautiful leaves

and flowers

and autumn

and knitting projects with coffee and lavender

and rice puddings with dark chocolate and cinnamon!


grey skies

and bright skies

film festivals


cat naps


and knitting again

Wishing you a lovely November and an even lovelier winter time!

Bisous bisous *******


Food around here / pt. 4

Hello friends!  How are you doing?

Life here is okay. It’s mostly about dealing with personal issues, meeting some friends, working, a little crocheting and a looooot of dreaming. The weather is getting warmer here and I am getting really excited! I am already dreaming of sandy beaches, afternoon cocktails, sun basking, barefoot dancing, having joy with friends, eating lots of ice cream, living simple you know? This summer though, I’ll be in the city working, so my few days-off will be much needed and probably spent road tripping to the sea side. So for the time being, I ‘ll be mostly dreaming of all those beach moments!

Anyway, lately I realized that food, coffee dates and crochet moments are the most favorite daily things to photograph. So, there you go! Enjoy!

Breakfast with oats, hippophae, shredded coconut, spirulina and dried fruits! You know, an effort to reduce my daily sugar intake and eat healthier 😉


Quinoa with avocado, peppers, lemon juice and sweet potatoes. Salad with lettuce, cucumber and strawberries. A-m-a-z-i-n-g combination. Great blending flavors and the quinoa is so so so yummy.. You guys, I am droooooling..


Fava (yellow split peas puree) with caramelized onions and capers


simple boiled potatoes with olive oils, capers and cheese


really yummy risotto with sweet potatoes and feta cheese


Processed with VSCO

We visited a Syrian restaurant the other day. Look at this plate!


top: beef with boiled rice and wheat | bottom: green salad with pomegranate Yum Yum Yum


left: dessert! fruits, panna cotta and kunefe | right: turkish coffee with cardamom


pink spring!


Easter table


my crochet blanket. not finished yet, but already deeply in love with it!!


breakfast with oats, dark chocolate, dried pineapple, flax seed and coconut cubes ❤


a delicious banana cake I bought from a lovely cafe – shoe shop with beautiful decoration 🙂


❤ popsicle dates with popsicles especially made for me! ❤


summer prints!


I ordered a pair of shoes last week from a company that supports fair trade. The pattern is so beautiful, the colors so bright and they are handmade in Peru by local artisans. The package was really beautiful too!! Support fair trade! 🙂


crocheting in my little spare time!


Did I tell you how obsessed I am with dried pineapple and coconut? I can eat a handful of these every day. No. I can eat a handful every 30 minutes. No no. I can empty a 500gr vase of these in 30 minutes.. *coconut obsession*


Wishing you a nice week friends! With lots of walks, smiles, sunshine and coconut!!






web wandering and coffee sipping / pt.10


Web wandering and coffee sipping!! Again!! Oh it’s a crazy month with work and all the things that fill my personal time and this lovely wandering has become a luxury now!

I keep crocheting my two current projects right now and don’t have much time for anything else, despite all the ideas that pop in my mind, but there are so many lovely handmade things out there. Our hands can make the best!

Clockwise: Vegan Lotion Bars · Garden Starter Kit · Floral Backdrop · Mandala Pin Cushion · 9 Mistakes Creatives Make · Cross-Stitch on metal

Beautiful vegan lotion bars from Three Hazels. I follow her through Instagram and really enjoy her simple and harmonic photos of all the things she makes. A garden starter kit. Such a nice gift, right? I would like one, please! 😉 Flowers again and always and in the background! Color splash and color inspiration and a nice pin cushion! Nine mistakes we all makers do and so fabulously create extraordinary obstacles for ourselves! How do we do that anyway?? I know you make all 9, okay at least 8 of them! Aaaand amazing cross-stitching on the most unbelievable objects. Our hands can make the best things. Did I tell you that?

Okay! Now I am off to crochet a bit! Little personal time so I try to fill it with crocheting, walking around the city, meeting friends and eating ice-cream!

Happy day you all!


web wandering and coffee sipping / pt. 9

Hello Friends! Coming in with a couple DIYs and three recipes that you might find interesting!

Clockwise: Book Stand · Carrot, coconut & chia energy balls · January superfood salad · Knit Planter Cover · Fresh juice

I have a big thing with salads. My family calls me a salad expert! Well, ok I am not typically an expert, I just looooooove making salads and sometimes I prefer them as a lunch. I really really like this mix-everything-up kinda thing! 😉 And they can be super healthy, there are so many options.. you can mix some fruit or nuts in or even make a nice sauce and spice things up a bit. And of course I always enjoy blending some fruit with avocado or yogurt and honey and make a delicious smoothie for breakfast! Improvise and blend! Also, great way to enter fruit in your diet if you are not a fruit person like me..! And for the makers, a cozy knit cover for your green friends and a wooden book stand for your favorite literature! Make a cup of coffee and dive in the making world!


Bisous, bisous!


Herringbone Cowl

When my brother asked for a knitted cowl as a Christmas present, we decided that the herringbone stitch would be a really nice choice!

It gives you great texture in both wrong and right side. On the wrong side you end up with a lovely ribbed pattern and on the right..well, you got herringbone! You cannot really tell with the yarn I chose, because the grey-black color hides the diagonal texture a bit. But it’s ok! We are both happy with the result.

This stitch was a pain at first, I mean until I figured out I needed at least 2 numbers bigger needles and a reaaaaaaally loose knitting! Loose!! This is the key in order to see it take shape! But it’s totally worth it! You end up with a very delicate and sophisticated texture. Great for male and female too!